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Welcome to ParticiPics!

ParticiPics is a free, searchable database of pictographic images designed to facilitate life's conversations. The pictographs are specially designed for communicating with people with aphasia and are the product of decades of research and experience with people in the aphasia and stroke communities.

Through ParticiPics, you can download pictographs to create your own pictographic resources to use as part of a method to support conversation, e.g. Supported Conversation for Adults (SCAtm). Pictographic resources, which consist of pictographs and keywords grouped in a meaningful and usable way, are valuable tools for supporting conversation because they provide a shared visual reference for all parties and can be used to enrich the conversation. Pictographs don’t replace talking, but rather support it, in conjunction with other techniques like gesturing with body language, writing keywords, or drawing pictures. The pictographs can also be used in many other ways to make information more accessible, like informed consent forms, event flyers, presentations, or signage.

Here are just a few ways ParticiPics can help you and your communication partner:

  • Introduce a topic
  • Indicate a choice
  • Refer back to a previous comment
  • Provide logistic instructions, including: dates, times and locations
  • Share complex thoughts and emotions
  • Create entire visual conversations using both our pictographs and your own images and words.

In addition to offering the free individual pictographs through ParticiPics, the Aphasia Institute also offers pre-made pictographic resources with carefully selected pictographs and keywords that are organized for supporting conversational relationships with different healthcare professionals. These resource booklets can be purchased through the Aphasia Institute e-store.

To get the most out of ParticiPics, we recommend you visit our How to Use page and allow our Guided Tour to walk you through the site features.